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“From Little Things Big Things Grow”

Monthly Community Breakfast BBQs

From little things big things grow…

What started as a simple concept of bringing people together & trying to build a stronger sense of community has quickly turned into a ‘not to be missed’ event which is raising much needed funds for the renovation of the Pearl Beach Memorial Community Hall. 

The monthly community BBQ & markets has grown from a casual bacon and egg roll on a Sunday morning to a ‘one stop shop’ providing locals and visitors with a range of fresh & locally made produce – all within walking distance. 

The BBQ & markets held every second Sunday morning (8-11am) is a great spot for people to catch up with friends, meet new people or a chance for visitors to enjoy some local hospitality. Tables & chairs are set up on the back deck & garden area so that friends, young families and dog owners can sit and enjoy a relaxed breakfast/brunch. 

The small ‘market’ also boasts a number of stalls including pastries & bread from Burnt Honey Bakery; fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and honey from Mountain Pride Farm; Mediterranean Foods from Jesus ate Falafel and Vietnamese takeaway from Ivy Do. 

To further add to the community vibe, a group of local volunteers have started creating amazing jams, pickles and chutneys made from local (often donated) produce and made in the Community Hall kitchen. These have proven hugely popular and fly out the door every month. 

Thank you to the community for embracing and supporting this initiative and to the ever growing band of volunteers that make it happen. 

The BBQ is held the second Sunday of the month and everyone is welcome. 

IMPORTANT : PBPA Membership Renewal for next year 23/24

Please pay your 23/24 membership fees asap – don’t wait until the last minute – We are trying to contact all those yet to pay to ensure that they pay on time and will be eligible to vote for the AGM. The more people we have to follow up on the harder it will be to ensure everyone has been covered. Many thanks.

If you think you are a member but have not received your renewal invoice then URGENTLY contact

I received my invoice but I can’t remember if I paid it.

Click here to find out if my invoice is outstanding


Dear Patonga & Pearl Beach community members,

Since the Patonga Power community presentation by Enosi on Saturday the 17th of June there has been a lot of interest in establishing the community solar trading opportunity and we’ve seen some community members from Patonga & Pearl Beach sign up already.

As we’re crossing over into the new financial year all retailers are repricing. By mid July all new pricing will be published so people will have the opportunity to finish gathering the information they need to make their decisions about joining Patonga Power.

We are hosting a Patonga Power Google Meet call on Monday 17th of July at 2pm to address any outstanding questions for the community. Enosi representatives Grant and Lisa will be on the call to answer questions you may have for them. You can either join the meeting online from your home or we will put Grant & Lisa up on the TV screen in the hall and you can join there.

One last point we would like to share is that we now also have interest from Umina to join the community which will open up the opportunity for a deeper pool of clean energy for trading. Exciting times are ahead!

The Google Meet details are:

Patonga Power Community Information Session
Monday, July 17 · 2:00 – 3:00pm
Video call link:

To join the meeting online install the Google Meet App on your phone, tablet or iPad and click on the link above to join. If using a computer the link will open Google Meet in your browser.

+61 476 255 846

Stephen King

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