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The Pearl Beach Progress Association was formed in 1929 by some of the original residents of Pearl Beach who began meeting to improve services to the Village. In those early days there was no power or water available and the only way for traffic to enter and leave the Village was via the rough road around Mount Ettymalong from Umina.

Since its inauguration one of the aims of the Association had been to build a Community Hall, but the lack of funds, the great depression and the WW11 were major stumbling blocks to realising this ambition.

Land at 9 Diamond Road was purchased in 1943 by three members, William Steinbeck, James Armstrong, and William Frost, and a concerted effort of fundraising was conducted to raise the 1,000 pounds required to construct a Hall. Building commenced in 1948 and was completed in September 1950 with a combination of voluntary labour and assistance from local builders, Cliff Mazlin and Jack Butler.

The hall became not only a community hall but also a memorial to the young men from Pearl Beach who died in WW11. The memorial in front of the Hall was built as a donation by Jack Butler and is used each year for the Pearl Beach Anzac Day service.

Our Objectives

To promote the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of Pearl Beach and to support those activities in other parts of the Central Coast Council area that are in the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of Pearl Beach.

To protect and enhance the environment and encourage nature conservation within the village of Pearl Beach.

To maintain in good condition the Association’s Memorial Community Hall


General meetings are held in the Memorial Community Hall most months on the first Saturday of the month but not in January. Meetings commence at 5.00 pm and after the meeting everyone is welcome to stay for a glass of wine and light refreshments.

Meeting Schedule

Executive Committee meetings are held approximately 2 weeks prior to each General Meeting.

The minutes of the General Meetings are available here.

Become A Member

Just $20 per year helps the PBPA achieve its goals

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