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3 Important Numbers

Pearl Beach Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbours helping neighbours to build a stronger community. Building awareness & being alert as to what is happening in the village & reporting suspicious behaviour to the relevant authorities.

What the newly formed Neighbourhood watch committee is currently doing:

  • Liaising with Woy Woy police to ensure a coordinated approach to recent incidents
  • Providing a detailed report of all recent known events
  • Facilitating the transfer of information incriminating to police including: –
    • incriminating camera footage
    • descriptions and facts in the most useful format
  • Providing online resources on
  • Open to suggestions & help from other community members
  • A meeting with the local Police & Neighbourhood Watch NSW at the AGM on Sat 11th Nov

Protecting your home – things to consider:

  • Make sure you know your neighbours & exchange contact details
  • Touch base with elderly or non-residential neighbours
  • Ensure bins are brought in on a Tuesday morning (leaving these out is a clear signal that you’re not at home)
  • Install motion sensor lights around your home
  • Install security cameras
  • Lock side entrances if possible
  • Lock your car & avoid leaving valuables in view. Modern keyless cars (when at home store key remote in a tin box)
  • Touch base with elderly or non-residential neighbours

Actions you can take:

  • Look at the PBPA website for useful information
  • Police numbers to call:
    • Suspicious behaviour – CRIME STOPPERS on 1800 333 000
    • House or car has been/is being broken into – POLICE ASSISTANCE on 131 444 (they will send police car out if requested & provide an incident report for insurance)
    • Life threatening emergency – 000
  • Call Ausgrid on 131365 to report broken street lights
  • Contact your Neighbourhood Watch Committee on:
    • Matthew Fallow (Emerald Ave) on 0415 786 306
    • Gerarda Luck (Beryl Bvd) on 0411 889 036
    • Kerry Caloyannidis (Crystal Ave) on 0414 422 790
    • Nigel Tisdale (Garnet Ave) on 0407 656 040
    • Karina Stafford (Crystal Ave) on 0401 991454
Protect yourself ONLINE
Protect your CAR
Protect your HOME
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