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Heat Pumps are a technology worth looking at to significantly reduce the cost of heating your water. A heat pump will replace your current traditional electric or gas hot water service and currently the federal and NSW government are offering significant rebates to encourage this. Heat pumps transfer heat from the surrounding air to heat the water which makes them highly efficient, typically using up to 65-75% less energy compared to electric resistance heaters. They work best in moderate to warm climates like we have in NSW.

Currently there are both State and Federal Government rebates or incentives for installing heat pump hot water systems, which you are entitled to use together. These are:

  • Federal: Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) can be generated for solar hot water (most installers can claim STCs on your behalf) to reduce the cost of a system. You will receive more STCs for a more efficient hot water system.
  • NSW: The Energy Savings Scheme offers a rebate to upgrade your gas or electric resistance water heater (only via licensed installers). Up to 100% of the new system may be covered, with a minimum payment of $33. Learn More

Because of the rebate available the market has been inundated with products and it is difficult to decide which one to go with. The Electrify 2515 community have created an excellent guide re Hot Water with a comparison of the popular models.

Choice have made an extensive list of models but with no rankings.

The attached North Sydney Council document also does a lot of the explaining. 

Things to consider:

1. Design: Heat pump systems are configured in one of two ways: 

  • Integrated (Evaporator and fan mounted on top of the water tank)
  • Split (Evaporator and fan separated from water tank) The split systems have a separate larger compressor which heats water more quickly but tales up more space.

2. Efficiency: Look for a high coefficient of performance (COP) rating, indicating greater energy efficiency. The more efficient, the less energy used and therefore lower running costs.

3. Noise Level: Under 50dB is fine with with anything in the 30’s very quiet.

4. Refrigerant: Look for CO2 or R290

5. Capacity: What size tank do I need? 50 to 75L per person is a guide.

6. Warranty: Minimum 5 years

Heatpumps range in price fro $2000 to $7000. There are a lot of advertisements on social media for companies supplying heat pumps at little or no cost. Be wary of these and do your homework on the product being supplied, hidden install costs, after sales service and warranty. 

Locals have Purchased

  • Midea from In Line Plumbing & Electrical 1300 465 463 and All Green Environmental Solutions 1300 112 677
  • iStore from Galaxy Hot Water 0432 901 010
  • Sanden from Superior Solar 02 4323 9050
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