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Fire Hydrant Locations

It’s important that people (a) Know where the nearest Fire Hydrant to their property and (b) that the Fire Hydrant is unobstructed.

The Fire Hydrant many be in your driveway, or in your lawn. Please DO NOT park cars or grow a lawn or put large plat pots over the top of the Fire Hydrant. I know that the yellow SQUARE Hydrant flap is not the most good looking thing (if the flap is round not square then this a a sewage vent !) but please do not HIDE them.

Finally anything that property owners can do to ensure that the Fire Hydrant points are clearly visible and accessible will greatly assist the Fire Services. If its your house on fire you will be hoping the Fire Services can find the Hydrants quickly.

Below is a Map of the Fire Hydrants in Pearl Beach

Things to help you locate your Fire Hydrant.

Look for signs like those above. They could be on a fence, a post or a lamp / power pole. The top number tells you how far away from the sign (in metres) the fire hydrant is. Stand with your back to the sign and walk away from it that number of metres and there should be the Hydrant. The red P means the hydrant is on the path, driveway, in garden. The red R means the hydrant is in the road. Most of the hydrants in Pearl Beach are on paths, driveways or in gardens. Finally there should be a blue “cats eye” and a yellow arrow or stripe in the red directly adjacent where the fire hydrant is. Currently in Pearl Beach some of these road markings have disappeared due to the poor state of the roads etc. The CCC are beginning to replace the road markings and the PBPA along with the local RFS are working together to improve the road markings,

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