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Dear Patonga & Pearl Beach community members,

Since the Patonga Power community presentation by Enosi on Saturday the 17th of June there has been a lot of interest in establishing the community solar trading opportunity and we’ve seen some community members from Patonga & Pearl Beach sign up already.

As we’re crossing over into the new financial year all retailers are repricing. By mid July all new pricing will be published so people will have the opportunity to finish gathering the information they need to make their decisions about joining Patonga Power.

We are hosting a Patonga Power Google Meet call on Monday 17th of July at 2pm to address any outstanding questions for the community. Enosi representatives Grant and Lisa will be on the call to answer questions you may have for them. You can either join the meeting online from your home or we will put Grant & Lisa up on the TV screen in the hall and you can join there.

One last point we would like to share is that we now also have interest from Umina to join the community which will open up the opportunity for a deeper pool of clean energy for trading. Exciting times are ahead!

The Google Meet details are:

Patonga Power Community Information Session
Monday, July 17 · 2:00 – 3:00pm
Video call link:

To join the meeting online install the Google Meet App on your phone, tablet or iPad and click on the link above to join. If using a computer the link will open Google Meet in your browser.

+61 476 255 846

Stephen King

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