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Hall Fundraising Update

Back deck of community hall

Total Raised to Date

$20,975 (87%)

This page provides a single place to see what fundraising activities are being used to raise the remaining funds for the Hall Upgrade and a running total of the funds raised so far.

As you may be aware we are looking to raise funds in order to make some much-needed improvements to our Memorial Hall this year, the 70th anniversary of the Hall. These are:

  • Make alterations to the rear deck by increasing its depth and new wider steps to provide improved connectivity with the garden; and,
  • Add a roof over the rear deck to provide shade and weather protection;
  • Add an extension to the eastern end of toilets to provide new level access storage for heavy items, chairs etc;
  • Carry out general repairs and maintenance work to the Hall around the area of the proposed additions.

Of the $99,000 needed for this work we have been lucky enough to be successful in being granted up to $66,000 from the Central Coast Council Community Infrastructure Grant program. We must also contribute up to $9000 in-kind labour contribution from our volunteers. Therefore we need to raise approximately $24,000 via other means.

Fundraising Initiatives

With COVID-19 affecting our ability to raise funds by traditional methods, we moved to more online efforts. Here are the fundraising activities we have kicked off so far:​

  • The Promenade for a Purpose was a great success and raised $1207 towards this project
  • The Auction of Promises was a great success and raised $5490 towards this project. 
  • A GoFundMe page where you can click here to donate or see how much we have raised from it so far.
  • A Long Weekend Gourmet Raffle was a great success, adding $1700 towards the Hall Upgrade fund.
  • Online Book Sales has raised $516 so far and still selling…


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